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3D graphics, animations, static visualisations and various types of renderings. We’ll help turn your idea into an application running on any chosen platform (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows…) while also maintaining compatibility with Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Kinect, Leap Motion, Oculus Go, Gear VR and other latest devices.

AMS advertising
media analyser

An application used by the outdoor advertising leader in Poland. Thanks to this application in a quick way, all graphical materials used by AMS employees are anonymized and can be stored in accordance with the RODO regulations. In addition, the system allows you to compare images of advertising media, their classification and grouping, and verify the compatibility of displayed advertising posters.


This is an interactive truck full of sweets, games and applications making its way all around Poland. Inside you’ll find a number of game controllers (including a dance mat), a Virtual Reality (VR) roller coaster ride that takes you through a fairy-tale chocolate factory, a magic mirror using aspects of image analysis and `Lost Chocolates’ - a traditional hot-cold game using Augmented Reality (AR). These are just some of the attractions that await in the Wawel TRUCK (as well as real chocolates of course!)


A mobile application commissioned by the Agora and VMS Media groups. The app allows the display of extra content in the form of 3D scenes, videos, photo galleries, websites or additional articles using AR technology. A user simply directs the lens of their device towards an article in an offline publication of Agora or a partner group (Gazeta Wyborcza, Logo, Avanteen, Metro, Świat Motocykli, Castorama, Kuchnia, Sun & Fun catalogue, Wojas, Marylin and other partners) marked with the app’s logo. Occasional campaigns are also conducted through the app such as the Football World Cup and promotional campaigns in shopping centres across Poland.

Puchatek -

A mobile AR application developed for the Maspex group. A million magnets (8 different types) were placed in the packaging of the Puchatek cocoa product. Each magnet represents a different scene and mini-game with the Puchatek character. The AR scene is constructed using the magnet and AR technology through the downloaded app (the first time in history Puchatek has been shown in 3D form!) A player interacts with the game through the touchscreen and movement (gyroscope and accelerometer) of the mobile device. The scenes and games have an educational flavour including temperature, magnetism, astronomy, air, water, sound, energy, light and others. These are presented with concepts and scenarios using dialogues, 3D objects, animations, narrations and sounds.

Virtual Tours Creator

An internet platform dynamically developed for an Australian company and one of Australia’s market leaders. The only virtual tour portal to partner with the country’s largest real estate website. Individuals and real estate agencies can create an account and try out the virtual tour creator system for free. The portal’s competitive advantage comes from its highly intuitive and easy-to-use interface for creating and editing tours.


An AR mobile application designed for a Sensory Park located in the city of Gliwice. The park is the first stage of investment in the `Gliwce Skills Center’ and consists of 10 interactive installations designed to help understand the phenomenon of sound. The park not only allows you to hear sounds but also see them. The AR app covers the entire park, just click START and point your device at one of the markers located around the park and you can compose your own song, get to know an echo or discover why we see lightning before we hear the thunder.

25 years of AMS

Commissioned by the advertising agency AMS, this desktop AR application (Mac, Windows and Linux) is used in advertising installations for transport stop shelters (bus, tram, etc.) and outdoor billboards. A hidden video camera in each installation, along with a high-resolution screen gives a viewer observing the installation the impression they are looking through glass (the image displayed is from the video camera filming what is happening directly behind the installation). The Augmented Reality effect occurs when something is overlaid onto the image that nobody expects – such as a lion strolling past!


A mobile AR application (iOS, Android) commissioned by the Polish Academy of Sciences. This supports an educational pathway located in the Research Centre of Energy Conversion nd Renewable Resources, part of the Jabłonna Polish Academy of Sciences. The pathway consists of eight stainless steel markers representing various items of energy-related equipment (including a water turbine, biogas plant, gasifier and heat pump) and presented using Augmented Reality. The AR experience includes animations, explanations on the principles of operation, and commentary. One of the markers even includes a 3D model of the entire institute and its most important equipment.