New technologies permeate all areas of our lives and we must prepare future generations to live in this new world – for schools this challenge is not easy. Our mission is to empower teachers and provide tools to support them in this essential responsibility. We designed our training courses to raise the digital competences of teachers and demonstrate how, at little cost, they can inspire children to learn about the fascinating world of science through engaging experiments aligned with the core curriculum. Together with our partners EduSense and SmartLab, we design courses in the field of exact sciences, all available on the EduSense Academy educational platform – complete with certification at the end of each course.


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pre-school and early school education

Our first course is specifically tailored for teachers of pre and early school children. You will learn a range of experiments and how to conduct them with your pupils. The focus is on experiments that support the core curriculum, hold children’s attention and can be performed with everyday items that are at hand. No special equipment or expensive agents are required.

On course completion, you can download additional teaching materials and further information; these describe how the experiments and other activities should be presented and carried out, what you’ll need, and a range of worksheets for the students. The course includes 10-15 films with instructions and demonstrations of each experiment.

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Professor Why™ Chemistry is our interactive learning system using exciting Augmented Reality (AR) technology. It allows students to understand the world of chemistry and carry out experiments in a safe, virtual laboratory.
The system is a fantastic alternative for primary schools, experiments can be conducted without restriction. Equipment limitations, health and safety issues, lack of appropriate facilities, the problem of waste disposal and other physical limitations all become irrelevant. Teachers espouse how well the product is received by students and how the interactive approach facilitates greater knowledge transfer over traditional textbook only learning. Professor Why ™ Chemistry also enjoys recognition from several scientific authorities

The virtual chemistry lab created by Professor Why is the perfect encouragement for your child to explore the world of exact sciences. Its interactive nature is engaging, educational and most of all fun for budding scientists. As further testament, Professor Why ™ Chemistry was awarded Poland’s Toy of the Year!
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Ideal for primary school settings, with a total of 55 experiments, and over 80 pages of materials with scenarios and worksheets to learn chemistry.

Orders for school:
999.99 PLN
You have bought an School or Science Kit for your school and you lack a license?
Do not buy a second set. Extend your license from an additional 10 seats.

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Professor Why ™ Chemistry + Puzzle AR + Scenario Package + Professor Why ™: Quantum Eye is a modern teaching aid for science education in primary schools - it is compatible with general primary school curricula).

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