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From service manuals, health & safety training and fire protection to first aid and VR management, the use of a virtual world and gesture control enables unique, specialised and fully interactive training of employees – at all levels and in almost any profession.


Employee training is one of the most important tasks facing every organisation. It is often a long and intensive process of knowledge and skill transfer to new employees, involving the precious resource of some of your most productive and experienced team members.

When Virtual Reality is introduced, these team members are freed-up from additional tasks and new employees can thrive in an exciting new form of training as they put on their VR goggles. Training is more effective, cheaper, and can be held at any time!


Thanks to devices such as HTC Vive, Leap Motion, Oculus and RGB-D cameras we are able to faithfully reproduce the movement and position of a user and their hand posture. Interacting with the Virtual World can be performed with hand gestures as well as using gamepads or other specialised controllers, all with the freedom of 360-degree movement.

A person training in a virtual world using VR goggles is given an immersive experience with the impression of really being there. All tasks must be performed following the rules of reality and the correctness of their execution can be monitored by a computer with results sent to a central system.


With Service Manuals placed in Virtual and Augmented Reality a user finds themselves in a game-like environment (particularly attractive to younger employees, but also older people when they find out how much fun it is!). This system makes it possible to read the manual, practice procedures repeatedly and learn how to service selected devices.

Among others, we create training systems for the energy and defence industries. The training covers fields as diverse as equipment servicing, machine operation, entire production procedures, health & safety, fire protection, first aid and many more… We have also developed preparatory courses that, for example, facilitate attaining diving certifications.


Conducting training is logistically difficult, dangerous or very complicated? Using the Virtual Reality everything becomes easier. There is no need to send trainers to areas covered by military activities, seeking a convenient date or repeating procedures repeatedly.

The VR training system allows you to use the course repeatedly, at any time and almost anywhere, without the need for a mentor!